SUPERFAST.CARDS is the first NFT car collectible card game based on the Polygon blockchain.
Who doesn’t remember it from the old days the quartet of playing cards with different car motifs?

SUPERFAST.CARDS is more than a nice collection of collectible NFTs – it is a fully playable car quartet game where each NFT represents a playing card. And thanks to the blockchain, each card is unique and has a unique owner.

The gameplay is very simple: the better car(d) wins! The first game mode is called “Play for Fun” here you play against an AI. The second game mode is called “Play to Earn” and allows you to earn up to 100,000 PETROL per day with your cards – without any risk. The third game mode “Play to Win” where you actually play for the cards.

This is what we have implemented everything to make this idea possible:
– Website based on WordPress
– Game cards developed and the layout programmed
– Various Smart Contracts based on Polygon developed and set up
– Discord forum set up and supported
– Game field designed
– Game field programmed