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As creatives, we believe in the power of good visuals; As strategists we work out long-term solutions.
As conceptual designers we prefer details.
Competence<br />&Quality

Morepixel GmbH is the office for conception, design and Internet applications based in Frankfurt am Main, founded in 2001 with the claim to combine marketing expertise, technical expertise and creativity under one roof.
For over 25 years, Morepixel serves national as well as international customers from a wide range of industries, such as the automotive, construction, pharmaceutical and medical, education and tourism industries.
The owner-managed company has been successfully managed for over 25 years by Esra Paola Crugnale and Lars Reichelt.

A few questions to Morepixel:

Morepixel exists now for more than 25 years – what is your secret of success?
Esra: “So we see us as a kind of “boutique agency”: small but fine. Customers like that, because with us there are no long communication channels – we are directly and most personally for our customers there. This is how we guarantee customized, individual advice and support.”

Lars: “Yes, exactly. We are personally there for our customers – without detours, flexible and fast. Thus, we minimize long response times and optimize effectiveness. Our wide range of skills and expertise makes it possible for us to offer our customers an all-round service: Everything from one source with a well-rehearsed network of specialists. Thus, we cover the most diverse areas of expertise.”

Many of your customer relationships are long-standing – why do you think that is?
Esra: “I think it’s because we convince not only with quality and professionalism, but also through our personality. Listening properly, empathizing, being empathetic and responding to the needs and problems of each client are definitely among our strengths. We not only think along but directly ahead.”

Lars: “Of course, it is also important to meet deadlines or when it gets tricky to keep a clear head. We give our best and and if it must be, we also work sometimes longer to implement even short-term projects. This is a matter of course for us.To build and maintain a trusting relationship with our customers is the focus of our work.”

What else is important to survive in the industry?

Lars: “The industry is fast-moving and being up to date is incredibly important. Thinking along and further development are part of it. A good example is the whole AI topic, we are experts and advise how to use AI optimally for the company.”

Esra: “I agree with Lars. Continuing education is the be-all and end-all, but I also find the emotional perspective important. Say: Our work is also our passion. I think I can speak for both of us when I say: We love what we do. In doing so, we are strategic, critical, direct, creative, sometimes perhaps a bit “nerdy” and, by the way, also quite likeable.”

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Lars Reichelt

Lars Reichelt

Dipl. Inf. (FH)
Managing Director "Be as proud of what you do as what you don't do."

Was macht morepixel aus:
Innovative - we like to break new ground.

Was macht dich aus:
For me there are no problems but solutions.
Esra Paola Crugnale

Esra Paola Crugnale

State-approved communication designer; Managing Director "We live only once. Therefore, love and live every day 100%."

Was macht morepixel aus:
Boutique character. Small but fine.

Was macht dich aus:
The combination of high quality and speed.