Expertise<br/> & Passion

& Passion

Success is the result of good ideas
and enthusiastic people
Lucky - we bring both with us.
Expertise<br/> & Passion

For over 25 years, we have been turning ideas into reality.
We are an ideal partner for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, associations, research institutions and also public clients.

It is not the size of the project that matters, but the joint journey – from initial contact, through the concept to completion. Our expertise and professionalism, attention to detail and quality bring excellent solutions.

If you are looking for a strong partner, because you through all steps accompanied, then you are exactly right with us!

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Unsere Kompetenzen im Überblick:

Consulting & Conception

  • Project development, planning and management
  • Conceptual consulting and support/ art direction
  • Technical advice and support

    – Server selection, Cms selection, module selection
    – Security, data protection
    – Creation of requirements specification



  • Corporate Identity

    – Logo design, stationery, ads, posters, flyers, style guide


  • Coporate Branding

    Company signs, fleet design, trade show design,
    merchandise items/giveaways, calendars, cards

  • Editorial

    – Brochures, books, magazines

  • Packaging Design

    – Packaging, labels, price tags


  • Illustrations & Image Editing

    – Ilustrations of all kinds
    – Iconography
    – Image retouches


  • Coding

    – React, Angular, TypeScript, SCSS, HTML, PHP,
    – Responsive implementation, creation of functional specifications


  • CMS Systeme

    – Implementation based on WordPress
    – CMS trainings


  • Shopsysteme
  • Software development/ Module development /Databases
  • Job pages/landing pages
  • Newsletter systems
  • Server hosting


  • Websites, landing pages
  • Onlineshops
  • UX Design
  • Animationen
  • Banner

Social Media

  • Editorial plans/ guidelines
  • Channel support
  • Content design and creation


  • Design & Development

    – IOS & Android
    – Community-Apps, Spiele-Apps, Finanz-Apps, Messescreen-Apps

  • Support

    – Appstore Support
    – Updates

Crypto & NFT

  • Idea, conception
  • Design & Development
  • Technical structure
  • Token
  • Blockchain